CoEs of Innovation

The world is changing faster than ever before. With billions of people hyper-connected to each other in an unprecedented global network, it allows for an almost instantaneous and frictionless spread of new ideas and innovations.  At the backdrop of changing ecosystem it becomes crucial that innovation addresses societal needs.

YCC Centre of Excellence (CoE) of innovation is in sync with the Global Sustainable Goal of stimulating a balance of material and non-material values to achieve people’s well-being. The CoE/CoEs would aspire to build a culture of innovation which would be an entirely indigenous endeavour, with people developing their own solutions to realise the community needs and aspirations.

Rigour, responsibility, resourcefulness, creativity and capacity building for optimal use of available resources would be the core elements of all the engagements at the centre. The CoE will enable individuals to recognise and create their own “path of innovation” which would start from inception till commercialization of an idea. The pedagogy employed at the centre will therefore be designed to empower individuals to build their competencies.