Fit Body for Smart Innovation

It’s a unique initiative by YCC to promote Global Health and Hygiene among youth through Yoga.  It aims to promote the values of tolerance within members of the community and to consolidate them among different cultures activating the role of UAE community centres across the country to promote values of tolerance and celebrate cultural diversity. YCC plans to organize this event to create awareness on the values and principles of tolerance for the community as a whole. We seek to encourage tolerance through educational and cultural programs at the event that will promote tolerance between school and university students. Promoting cultural tolerance between the youth is one of the main objectives of the proposed event.

 YCC aims to provide a ‘resting place’ and stillness to help live in the present moment, develop a wise ‘Observant Self’, and experience more joy and wonder. It will bring together cultural leaders, practitioners and experts from art, museums, media, cultural heritage and technology to advocate a central and effective role for culture in global society. It will showcase creative solutions by key participants in the cultural and creative industries, and generate new strategies & thoughts on topics including cultural diversity, heritage protection, artistic freedom, public art and digital activation.