Next-Gen Business Partnerships

Next-Gen Business Partnership would be focussing to bring together and connect global companies, students, start-ups, academia thought leaders and researchers, accelerators, venture firms, and other partners for disruptive innovation with purpose across industries. YCC will act as facilitator and connect relevant stakeholders working on new-emerging technologies. The agenda is defined by the business leaders addressing to the specific issues that matter most to their industry in their region. Next Gen Business Partnerships focuses on issues that no single company can fully tackle on its own and that need a collaborative approach.

What will YCC offer under this program/initiative?

  • An action-orientated forum to bring together industry to tackle issues and use opportunities emanated out of ‘new-age’ technologies
  • A business-driven agenda which would facilitate business leaders determine the priorities and lead the partnership forward.
  • A common platform to partner with global private and public firms from workforce development, economic development and education.