Tech Talk

Flagship Global Event: Talk/s delivered by leading New-age Tech-Experts in emerging technologies like AI, IoT, Blockchain, Serverless Computing, Robotics, VR/AR, Robotics etc.  Upgrading the existing skills helps survive in this competitive professional world. Tech-talks provide that necessary exposure for the corporate to enhance their knowledge and to be technically sound. We provide the opportunity learn about transformative technologies crucial to systems that manage, store, transmit and protect public and private data.  We bring you face-to-face with the companies that will ensure you’re ahead of today’s — and tomorrow’s — threats to your data and IT security.

Tech-talks answer the need for regional face-to-face events that address tactical and strategic issues for IT decision makers and influencers. These are technology-focused events that provide a marketplace for solution providers and technology decision makers in a unique environment that fosters collaboration and networking with colleagues and peers.

Process: We invite techies from across the globe to impart their knowledge with the tech-savy people. These tech-talks shall also have teaching expertise to offer their teachings in the best technologies one is looking for.