YCC Business Clubs

A relationship building activity in business is a far cry from building personal relationships. Yet, business relationships do have some similarities that clearly require good interpersonal skills and communication. When it is time to expand a business network, it takes a bit of planning and design to affect seamless relationship building activities. Networking is defined by a host of inclusives. These can be business and industry associates, a loyal clientele, links to community organizations and a well-structured plan of public relations. The importance of the steps to learn how to build a business relationship can be a catalyst to greater expansion of the business network.

YCC Clubs are created to accelerate local and international business network. They will operate as a business runway for local businesses seeking a platform for their business networking.  YCC clubs aims to build a network of local and international business people and help them grow their business opportunities through acceleration, strategic advice and access to investments.

At the YCC Clubs, members network frequently, discuss their business concepts, conduct business workshops, host business events, develop their business models and explore new business opportunities and investments. YCC Clubs will be based in every country operated and managed by Youth Chamber of Commerce Governing Council.